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Linda Augustsson, UAE



Fitness and health has always been an integrated part of my life style - to stay physically fit, mentally strong and energetic.


I used to do a lot of gym and outdoor running, hard core, physically tough training. Yoga never really interested me until I was given an opportunity to have a private yoga class with Krishna in June, 2017. I really enjoyed yoga from the very first day and have ever since had hundreds of yoga classes with Krishna. It has helped me resetting jetlag from my extensive traveling across the globe, my ability to focus has increased and I have become far more flexible which helps me to excel better at other sports.


Seeing the benefit I gained from doing yoga, I also rolled it out in my company where we are around 75 team members. Krishna is conducting versatile company yoga classes in both English and Hindi and at a level where beginners and more advanced yogis can all come together and get good value out of it.


I can highly recommend Krishna to anyone – whether you are a beginner or at more advanced level.

Krishna has a pleasant personality, is always on time and pushes one beyond the limits to move onwards and upwards on the yoga ladder.


Pratibha Bhatnagar,India


Such a Happy & Peaceful Mantra.  But how does one implement this ??

Firstly - accept that your body is THE ONLY life partner - that will support you till your last breath - GUARANTEED.

Hence, to establish this perfect sync, form a life-style that will build your bones/ joints/ mass/ mind and soul - to amalgamate into fluidity.

I begin my day with 1 hour of YOGA with personal Coach KRISHAN LAMBA.

Diverse asanas, some cardio warm-ups, alongwith some energizing Pranayams.

Just opening up the limbs & joints and providing oxygen to various body parts and internal organs. This routine will help you sail through your day's chores easily and with a positive attitude.

Evening is the best time to hit the Gym & perform some strength training activity. 

This lethal combo of morning and evening workout regime - will fetch you windfall returns with NO market risks. Just your BODY & MIND  in complete unison and stress-free living.


Jorge Poza, Spain


I am taking classes with Krishna for 2 years now, I am happy with him as he always knows what my body needs, always encouraging and pushing for a next step and being enough delicate to do not cause any harm, his knowledge are really deep into YOGA and keeps you always well motivated.

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